We The People RESIST: Cuba, Palestine, Haiti and Puerto Rico in Solidarity - César Omar Sánchez

Updated, May 24th, 2024

On May 18th, I along with three comrades spoke at The People's Forum about the US Global Hegemonic Domination and its influence on other countries that are committing destructive and genocidal actions against other countries.

What do Palestine, Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico have in common? It's all part of a colonial project that has been going on for decades, some even centuries. The word solidarity nowadays is a word that gets tossed around too much during discussions. Many people don't know the true meaning of the word and yet use it for all the wrong reasons. 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines solidarity as a feeling of unity between people who have the same community of interests or goals based on certain objectives and standards. However, when it comes to standing up against the Capitalist system and Hegemonic countries like the United States, solidarity can not be used within that context. Strange right? How we can not stand together against the ongoing onslaught of genocide Israel is committing against the Palestinians with impunity while the US Empire shuts down college encampments and censors anyone that dares to speak about itVery strange, how we can not discuss in mainstream media the inhumane economic blockade the United States imposed on Cuba since the early 60's that is strangling the Cuban people. WhyThe Cuban Revolution since 1959 has offered not only the Cuban people but the world that there are other alternative ways we can work together for a better world. Things like doctors and free universal healthcare that the Cuban government offers to everyone are not mentioned, yet Cuba is on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorist List, even though there is no shred of evidence that the US government can produce. Strange indeed how Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico are leaving their islands because the high cost of living and quality of life has decreased significantly but the United States won't address the issue and root cause of the problem....colonialism. 

Haiti is a country that has been paying a price since its Revolution in 1791 overthrew the French colonists and became the first free independent country governed by former slaves. France and many European countries never forgave the Haitians for their revolution. Instead, France asked for reparations and got it. Today, you have the United States collaborating with the Kenyan government in Africa to invade Haiti to bring "democracy" back to the country.

Our ancestors, comrades, brothers, and sisters who stood in solidarity to fight against these colonial systems are long gone and now it is up to us to continue the fight. We must continue to maintain that warrior and revolutionary moral spirit within us to build mass movements to smash this system once and for all. 

By César Omar Sánchez

Co-chair of the National Network On Cuba and member of the US-Cuba Normalization Coalition, and ProLibertad Advisory Board

This blog site is a platform for all National and International Solidarity announcements such as events, rallies, and nationwide protests. This is part of the US-CubaNormalization.org, CubaSiNYNJCoalition.org solidarity movement on Cuba.


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